To sort your images by their original date/time:
  1. In the Browser (i.e. thumbnails display), or in ACDSee Manage mode, click View | Sort | More.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) to expand EXIF.
  3. Click the plus sign (+) to expand Image.
  4. Select Date/time original.
  5. Click OK. Your images are sorted by their original date/time.
If you click View | Sort, Date/time original is now available as a sort option.

If an image was not sorted as expected, the original date/time information is probably not recorded for the image. This typically occurs when the image is obtained from a source other than a digital camera (i.e. a scanner or CD).

To see if the original date/time information exists for the image, right-click the image thumbnail in the Browser or in the Manage mode, and then select Properties.

If the EXIF tab is not present (on the bottom of the Properties pane) then sorting, as described above, will not work. To sort the image by the original date/time you must add that EXIF information to the image.