You can use the Batch Adjust Time Stamp tool to add original date/time EXIF information to an image

Before you use this tool, ensure that none of the images are read only (i.e. unalterable). To see if images are read only, right-click the image thumbnails in the Manage Mode or for previous version Browser, and then select Properties. Click the File tab on the Properties pane. If necessary, de-select Read only.

To add original date/time EXIF information to an image:

  1. In ACDSee, select an image thumbnail or group of image thumbnails
  2. Click Tools | Batch | Adjust Time Stamp. For previous versions of ACDSee, Click Tools | Adjust Timestamp
  3. Select EXIF date/time original and click Next
  4. Select a new time stamp from the list below and set the new date and time. For example, choose Use specific date and time and then enter the original date/time in the Date and Time fields or click the down arrow to select the date and time from the pop-up calendar.
  5. Click Adjust Time Stamp to add the date/time EXIF information to the image(s).