There is a feature in ACDSee called Change Binding that relinks image database information to the image it belongs to. If an image, or the ACDSee database, is moved from one location to another using an application other than ACDSee, the link between them is broken. This creates Orphan files. The Change Binding feature updates the reference to the location in the database and relinks the related database information. This is useful when the pathname reference to an image changes for any reason, for example, when you import the database from one installation to another which has images stored in a different place.

To change the folder binding:
  1. Start ACDSee.
  2. Click Tools | Database | Database Maintenance. For earlier versions of ACDSee , click Database | Database Maintenance.
  3. In the Database Content box, browse to a drive and folder where your image files were located (e.g. C:\My Documents\user_name\My Pictures).
  4. Any folder that is orphaned has a blue box with a question mark icon on it. (See the Legend in the lower left corner of this window for an example.)
  5. Click the topmost folder in the tree that has an orphan symbol, and then click Change Binding.
  6. In the Folder Binding dialog, click Change Binding again, and then select the drive and folder where the corresponding images are currently located.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Repeat this procedure with all the remaining orphaned folders.
  9. Click Close when you are finished. ACDSee will reload and the database information, which should now display correctly.