A drive mounting issue is usually caused when the Volume Serial Number on the drive or partition is 0000-0000. The ACDSee database links asset information, such as Captions, Categories, Keywords, Author and Notes, to a unique identifier that consists of the volume serial number + file path + filename.

To address this issue, the drive (or partition) must be assigned a non-zero serial number and Database Maintenance | Change Binding used to re-associate the image folder to the database asset information. Proceed as follows:
  1. To check the volume serial number:
    • Open a Command Window by clicking Start | Run and typing CMD in the Open box.
    • At the prompt type dir [drive_letter]:, i.e. dir C:
    • Scroll to the top of the Window and view the current Volume Serial Number setting.
    • If this is set to 0000-0000 proceed to the Step 2, otherwise proceed to Change Binding Step #10 below.
  2. To change the volume serial number, download VolumeID from SysInternals.com.
  3. Ensure the utility "VolumeID.exe" is located on the drive whose serial number is to be changed, otherwise you will receive a permissions error message.
  4. Open a Command Window by clicking Start | Run and type CMD in the Open box.
  5. Change to the drive whose serial number is to be changed. For example, enter F: to change to the 'F' drive.
  6. Assuming VolumeID.exe is located in the root directory of drive F:
    • Enter VolumeID F: 1234-5678 or any other unique 2-segment 8 digit code. (Usage: volumeid <driveletter:> xxxx-xxxx)
  7. Reboot your computer for Windows to implement the changes.
  8. Restart ACDSee.
  9. If a Drive Mapping dialogue box appears:
    • The drive will be shown as unmounted.
    • Rebind the unmounted drive's folders to their correct location.
  10. In addition, there is a feature in ACDSee called Change Binding that relinks the image asset information to the image.
    • This is useful when the pathname reference to an image changes (i.e. import of the database from another installation where the image files are local to that machine).
    • 'Change Binding' changes all location references for the selected orphaned folder to another folder, and retains all database information.
    • The Change BInding button can be found in the bottom right corner of the database maintenance menu.
    • Browse to a folder where asset information is not correctly linked and the 'Change BInding' icon will become selectable.
    • Click on Change Binding and browse to the current folder containing the image file(s).