If you have moved folders/files using an application other than ACDSee, you may have created orphan folders/files. To fix this problem you will need to rebind the folders/files to the correct location(s).

If you have moved many of your folders/files around after the fact, then this will be a slow process. It may be easier to move them back to the original location(s) using the same application (other than ACDSee). Once that is done, launch ACDSee and move them to where you want them to be located.

If you have moved folders & subfolders to another location without re-arranging any of the subfolders, please use the change binding feature from Database Maintenance. 

  1. In ACDSee, go to Tools | Database | Database Maintenance. For previous versions of ACDSee, go to Database | Database Maintenance.
  2. Please wait while ACDSee is collecting and summarizing Database information. You need to wait until this process completes before you can go on.
  3. In the Database Content window: click on the + sign(s) to expand your folder(s).
  4. You should find folder(s) with a blue question mark on it which indicates that it is an orphan folder/file.
  5. Click on the top level folder that has a blue question mark on it, and click Change Binding.
  6. This will show you info about folder/file.
  7. Click Change Binding again.
  8. Select the correct location of your folders/files. It is very important to select the correct folder. If you do not, you may lose your organizing.
  9. Click OK.
  10. It should return with a successful message saying the database folder has been rebound to the specified folder(s).
  11. Now the database information is going to go collected and summarized again, Click Close if you are done.
  12. Or repeat the process for the other orphan folders.