You may want to add text to a project for fun, to tell a story, or for copyright reasons. You can easily change the font, color, size, and placement of text in a project.
  1. Select the Text Tool in the Create section of the main toolbar.
  2. Click the Text Color Picker in the Colors section of the main toolbar.
  3. In the Colors dialog, select the text color and click OK.
  4. In the Properties Bar select the font, style, size, and any other text attributes.
  5. Move your mouse cursor to the position in the project where you would like to add the text. When you click a flashing vertical line displays in the project.
  6. Type the text you wish to add.
  7. Press the Esc key when you have finished typing.
  8. To add more text, double-click inside the text box.
  9. To change the text attributes, click the Selection Tool and click the text, then select the new attributes.

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