To restore or convert ACDSee database, you can also use database catalog feature to catalog the files that have embedded database information. To catalog the files, click Tools | Database | Catalog Files.

If you have not yet embedded the ACDSee database information in the previous version of ACDSee, but wish to restore or convert this database via the cataloging files method, try the following steps:

1) In the previous version of ACDSee, click Tools | Metadata | Embed ACDSee Metadata | Embed in Selected  files or Embed in All files.

2) Close the previous version of ACDSee and start the current version

3) Click File | Database | New and create a new database

4) Click Tools | Database | Catalog Files

Note: ACDSee database embedding features is supported after ACDSee Pro 2.5 and ACDSee 2009 (ACDSee version 11).