Unfortunately due to platform changes made by Facebook, Facebook uploader in ACDSee no longer works. This affects both the ACDSee desktop application and ACDSee 365. Please use your web browser to upload files to Facebook.

There are two reasons why ACDSee Facebook uploader does not function due to this change:

1.    ACDSee uses the “user_photos” FB api permission. Can no longer use it.
2.    FB login uses the “public_actions” permission and it is being deprecated.

The publish_actions permission will be deprecated. This permission granted apps access to publish posts to Facebook as the logged in user. Apps created from today onwards will not have access to this permission. Apps created before today that have been previously approved to request publish_actions can continue to do so until August 1, 2018. No further apps will be approved to use publish_actions via app review. Developers currently utilizing publish_actions are encouraged to switch to Facebook's Share dialogs for web, iOS and Android.
We will keep an eye on the FB platform for changes that could allow ACDSee desktop applications and ACDSee 365 to work in the future.