This article provides a solution to the issue of iPhone 15 video files causing ACDSee Photo Studio 2024 to crash.

This plugin will prevent ACDSee from freezing or crashing when browsing to iPhone 15 videos, and they will decode correctly and play normally in View and Media mode.

Affected Products and versions:
- ACDSee Photo Studio 2024


Issue: iPhone 15 video files cause ACDSee Photo Studio 2024 to hang, and subsequently crash.

Solution: With ACDSee Photo Studio 2024 installed:
1. Download the new plugin from here:

2. Extract the file: ID_Media2.apl
3. Close any currently running instances of ACDSee Photo Studio.
4. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the plugin folder within your installation location.
(By Default, ACDSee Photo Studio 2024 will install within C:\Program Files\ACD Systems, however you may have installed it in another location.)
5. Back up the old "ID_Media2.apl" file in the plugins folder by renaming it to a different name, such as "ID_Media2.apl.old".

6. Copy and paste the ID_Media2.apl plugin file into the PlugIns folder.
7. Restart ACDSee. After restarting, click on Tools > Plug-in Settings. Locate and select the "ID_Media2.apl" plugin and click the "Properties..." button. Confirm that the version is now 1.13.1700.0000.


Known Issue

In View mode, while playing HEVC videos shot on iPhone 15, moving the playhead will cause the video player to freeze. The application will not freeze and you will be able to switch to another file or leave View mode to recover. We have reported this issue to Microsoft as it appears to be outside of our control.


Behavior Change

In Manage and other modes, all video files will now display a thumbnail with one video frame, instead of four frames. Once the new plugin is in place, this change will apply to all video files that generate a thumbnail in Manage mode in the future. Videos which already had a four-frame thumbnail will not be affected unless their thumbnail is rebuilt for any reason.